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New Works
A Decade of Dance
A Decade of Dance
A Decade of Dance celebrates ten years of artwork inspired by dance companies from New York to The Australian Ballet. This evocative and exciting exhibition brings together fifty-six artworks showcasing the artist’s highly recognizable, powerful approach to monotypes and also a foray into the art of mezzotints.
The Sleeping Beauty
The Sleeping Beauty: Images of The Australian Ballet
The Sleeping Beauty: Images of The Australian Ballet offers an exciting new series of monotypes by Luccio, inspired by rehearsals for The Australian Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty; itself a bold work and Artistic Director David McAllister’s first production.
Black Swan White Swan - Monotypes of the Australian Ballet
Black and white monotypes inspired by The Australian Ballet’s rehearsals of Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake. Black Swan White Swan strips pictorial devices down to its bare essential and delivers a series of images that capture the purity, power and physicality of the wonderful dancers of The Australian Ballet.
Images of The Australian Ballet
Images of The Australian Ballet was inspired by Debra's time with The Australian Ballet filling countless sketchbooks with drawings while watching the dancers rehearse both contemporary and traditional productions, including Stanton Welch’s Madame Butterfly and Christopher Wheeldon’s After the Rain ©.
2012 celebrates The Australian Ballet's 50th Anniversary.
Images of Dance - Australian and New York Dancers

This body of work is inspired by the dancers rehearsing in their studio. There is a raw energy and new perspective in these works taken from the experience of creating images of the dancers developing the performance in their own familiar surrounds.

Images of Queensland Ballet

In 2010 the Queensland Ballet celebrates its 50 year anniversary. Debra Luccio, who has collaborated with the ballet company since 2009, has been invited to exhibit her monotypes as part of the landmark celebrations.

Past Exhibitions
New York City March 2010
Images of Dance - Australian and New York Dancers

Debra’s collaboration with dance companies involved long hours of observation as premier dancers rehearsed, rested and performed in a process of creation that she discovered paralleled her own work. The illuminated figures emerging through the dark into the light leave the viewer feeling as a spectator would, watching a performance on stage.

The Figure and the Dance
Images of the Queensland Ballet

Award-winning artist Debra Luccio worked with the Queensland Ballet while they rehearsed and performed ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’. ‘The Dream & The Dance’ reflects this collaboration, visually capturing and highlighting movements of the dancers through her monotypes and etchings.

Selected Work - Special Viewing
The Figure and the Dance
Debra's latest work continues to explore the beauty she captured in ten weeks in New York in 2007 - drawing, painting and printmaking in studios, at dance performances and rehearsals. Her subject is the figure, which compels her art across a classical range of media, from painting, to drawings and the print-making method of monotypes.
New Exhibition
New York Figures - Dancers & Life Models of New York City 2007
Made in and inspired by New York City's dance scene this exhibition captures the muscular bodies of dancers at practice and performance and continues Debra's fascination with the human form and all its possibilities.
New Works
Monotypes 2006
"These are truthful expressions, and I think they're beautiful when they reveal themselves on the body."
Current Exhibition
Monotypes - Light & Shade 2006
"When I work with a model I sense her communication in her every move, her every inflection. I connect closely with that and I try to capture it in my work."
Current Exhibition
Paintings - Light & Shade 2006
"This, for me, makes my work universal because it is explores the communication that flows from our bodies, uncensored and without design."
Untitled 2003
Photography - Untitled 2003
Capturing the softer lines of a woman. Visualising the tenderness and feminine qualities within the image.
Strength & Sensitivity 2002
Photography - Strength & Sensitivity 2002
Exploring the masculine and feminine duality of being a woman, expressing the empowerment gained by acknowledging and embracing our strength and our vulnerability.
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